Ranma of Grayskull is written by Diania Yanega and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at 16 chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Ranma breaks all engagements, at the announcement Happosai gets is final revenge and sends Ranma to Castle Grayskull using ancient magic. Ranma has a new destiny and a new love.[1]

Ranma finally had enough and did something about the mess he call life. Then Happosai send him through a vortex into the reality of Masters of the Universe (He-Man, She-Ra) as a girl.[2]

Ranma has finally found a way out of all his engagements and unknowingly has his mother ready to accept him back into her home, when during his announcement one of his major rivals casts him to a different dimension and planet. He ends up crashing in the throne room in Castle Grayskull!!![3]

Ranma is meditating on his situation when Ryoga attacks. Well, that's welcome, Ranma can have a good spar with him, and try out some of the new attacks he's been learning. The fight ends though when Akane sends him flying. Fortunately he lands on Happosai and takes the chance to render the letch helpless to fend off the horde of enraged women that's chasing him. That may not have been such a good idea, as Happosai swears vengeance, finally extracting it a while later with the aid of an ancient scroll that sends Ranma to another world, to a place called Greyskull, and incidentally locks Ranma in female form. Here at Greyskull, Ranma's coming has been prophesized...[4]


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