Revenge in the Dojo is written by Christopher Jones and was published online on June 13th, 1998.[1]


Kasumi is serving up more than just dinner.[2]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

The Tendo and Saotome family are sat down together for dinner which Kasumi Tendo serves out, rice with special portions of mushrooms. Genma Saotome realises too late that the mushroom his son has been given doesn't match his age via its length. Ranma suddenly drops in age to around thirteen and Nabiki Tendo splashes the confused boy with water. She then explains that this is revenge for an event Ranma doesn't event remember that took place the previous week, where the martial artist walked in on the girls in the bath. Ranma tries to run, but Akane Tendo tackles the smaller girl to the ground. Nabiki tells him he has been sloppy as Kasumi holds up a dress and tells him that it is time top play dress up. The three girls then drag Ranma up the stairs and out of sight. Genma turns to Soun Tendo and asks his friend if he is going to eat his mushroom, which was a little shorter than Genma's was.


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