Schools United is written by Michael Fetter and began online publication on July 21st, 2000.[1] It was completed on March 24th, 2001.[2]


Follow Ranma's journey and try to uncover who destroyed his life.[3]

Someone has taken steps to destroy Ranma's life utterly. Married to Soun Tendou, 'Okaasan' gives birth to Hiro Tendou, whom she has placed all of her dreams upon. After Soun's death, can Ranma reclaim himself, or will Okaasan be the end of a once proud, young man?[4]

One day Ranma comes to, to discover that he's done something terrible. While under the influence of something, he's molested Soun in girl form. Now he(she)'s pregnant, and Soun is going to hold her to her honor and force a marriage between them. Can Akane,Nabiki and Kasumi cope with a Ranma who is now their mother. Can Ranma survive the harsh years of marriage to Soun as her very identity is stripped away. And after the marriage is over, what will happen to the person that Ranma has now become. Can 'Okaasan' find herself again, and can everyone else live with this new person in Ranma's place. And more importantly, who or what was it that caused such a drastic change in Ranma's life?[5]


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  • A competition was held to establish who could guess the identity and motive of the person who had upended Ranma's life:

Submit to me at the email below your guess as to who, how, when, and why Ranma's life was suddenly turned upside down. You can send it in the from of an essay or short story. There is no page limit. All of this for the great distinction of having your name put up on my website and I will send out a personalized picture drawn by yours truly as a prize.[6]

The winning entries were as follows:


  • TASS Continuing Series Award for August 2000, 3rd place (part 1)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for September 2000, 1st place (part 5)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for October 2000, 1st place (part 6)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for January 2001, 2nd place
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for March 2001, 1st place

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