She's Got the Look is written by Mike W. Loader and was published online on January 23rd, 1999.[1]


Kasumi's serene. Nabiki's on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Akane's scared of both of them. What the hell's going on?[2]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

It is a Friday when Nabiki Tendo snaps, declaring that she is sick of eating fish. Kasumi Tendo tries to tell her that this is when they normally eat fish, but Nabiki complains that they seem to be having it all the time now and that the house stinks of fish, something that Ranma Saotome silently agrees with. Kasumi then mentions that their mother told them why they had to eat fish, but Nabiki says she doesn't care and damn their mother. Kasumi tells her to take it back but Nabiki won't, accusing her of looking more and more like their mother every day and being close to "turning" soon. Genma Saotome has already cowardly left the table, Soun Tendo looks at his food, and Ranma watches on in confusion as Nabiki tells Kasumi to get out. Kasumi leaves the room and Nabiki has sharp words with her father, eventually stating that she wish she had never been born. This leaves Akane crying and she runs off to the dojo on her on. Still confused, Ranma follows her to ask what is going on with her family. He hugs and comforts her as she tries to explain what has happened. Meanwhile, upstairs in her room, Kasumi has put on her mother's jewellery and begins chanting, her mind being taken into dreaming with the Old Ones.


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