Silent Battles, originally titled Silent Battles, Deaf Victories, is written by Latin D and began online publication on April 8th, 2000.[1] It currently stands incomplete at seven chapters, the most recent of which was published on July 8th, 2001.[2]


In a possible reality, Ranma loses Akane in the battle against Saffron. Leaving his past life behind, he accepts a relative's invitation to visit the Launch Day celebration of the SDF-1.[3]

Akane dies at the hands of Saffron, and Ranma, lost in despair, leaves Nerima. Years later, he is found at Macross Island during the infamous Launch Day. Coincidence? The Shapings lurk...[4]

Akane died in the fight against Saffron, and Ranma has been wandering since. He's in Macross city now, here to see his Uncle Henry. Unfortunately before he can make it in, the alarms go off and Macross City is under attack! On the way to the shelters, he meets a young boy called Jason, his father Max and a girl called Minmei. Not to mention a battleoid piloted inexpertly by a young man called Rick. In the ensuing chaos, the SDF-1 warps into space taking everyone with it. Now what will Ranma do with his life in this strange new place?[5]

Ranma and Akane are the only eyewitness to the SDF-1's initial crash landing on earth. What they discover about the strange ship frightens them. Later on Ranma gets more ill than he usually does, after eating some of Akane's soup. It turns out that she added in some special plants (herbs) that she found around the SDF-1!![6]


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