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Spring of Drowned Hero is written by Gregg Sharp and was published online on November 26th, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at three instalments, the most recent of which was published on October 24th, 2001.[2]


Ranma finds a shield at the bottom of the pool.[3]

A Chinese villain called the Mandarin allies with the Musk and conquers the Amazons, various superheroes drown in the pools at Jusenkyo. Later on Ranma falls in the spring of drowned Virtuous Supersoldier, and Ryouga drowns in the spring of drowned Hulk. Uh oh...[4]


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  • 1 27/11/98
  • 2
  • 3

RAAC Posting HistoryEdit

  • 1 26/11/98
  • 2
  • 3 24/10/01

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