Star Wars - A Faint Hope is written by Lara L. Bartram and Mike W. Loader and was published online on April 22nd, 1998.[1]


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... well, you saw the movie. But I bet you thought that was the whole story, didn't you? Not hardly. Take a look behind the scenes, and follow the other group of rebels wandering around Tatooiene and the Death Star...[2]

Princess Leia looks for a droid on which to record her message to Obi-Wan. Finding a nice R2 unit, she calls it to her, but changes her mind after it steals her undergarments! Later, a short red-haired girl uses that droid to record HER message. Speed Demon Kasumi the moisture farmer, Dark Lord Ono, Akane Soro and Nodoka Kenobi, who's after Obi-Wan for the alimony.[3]


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