Superboy ½ is written by Arthur Hansen and published online on July 26th, 2001.[1]


Ranma now one of the strongest mortals in existence! But does he really want the power? Or the enemies that come with it?[2]


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Akane Tendo accuses Ranma Saotome of trying to boil P-chan and in the resulting fight Ranma isn't hurt as much. Then Ryoga Hibiki appears out of nowhere to fight with Ranma over his prior argument with Akane, during which Ryoga gets a blow in on Ranma that should be devastating, but one which Ranma is able to simply shrug off. The Ranma begins to feel strange and finds that none of Ryoga's hit feel particularly strong. When he strikes back at Ryoga he seriously injures the lost boy and has to quickly take him to hospital. Meanwhile the spike in Ranma's powers has been noticed by other parties. As Ranma and Akane walk home from the hospital, talking about going on a training trip together, the superhero Power Woman drops down onto the street in front of the them. She begins pitching Ranma a job offer which Ranma immediately turns down. Ranma's father then suddenly appears, saying he taught his son better and accepting the job on behalf of Ranma. Happosai briefly turns up during Ranma and Genma's fight, long enough to steal Power Woman's bra. When Ranma again turns down the job offer Power Woman attacks, but Ranma is able to force her to depart.

The following morning as Genma tries to put his fight with Ranma is a light that makes him look better, Ranma and Akane opt to leave to catch their train. Arriving at their training destination Akane suggests Ranma would out how strong he is now, learning his is easily able to destroy boulders and withstand substantial damage. They also discover that he can run much faster, and when Ranma falls they learn he can also fly. During a conversation in which Akane questions how he has these powers, Ranma realises he also has x-ray vision as the day before he saw through the dojo walls. To prove it Ranma tells Akane what underwear she is wearing, leading her to try and mallet him - which fails. Then when Ranma can produce beams from his eyes that melt rock, Akane wonders if he is the son of Superman.

The Justice League of America turns up at the Japanese parliament to suppress a riot and are told they are not wanted in Japan. Meanwhile Pantyhose Taro turns up at Ranma and Akane's training site to taunt Ranma, and get his name changed by turning a defeated, female Ranma over to Happosai. The fight quickly becomes one-sided as Ranma is able to use his new powers, meaning is able to ignore Taro and rescue Akane from Happosai. Annoyed with the pair of them, Ranma punts Happosai all the way to China and ignores Taro when he storms off in anger. Ranma however tells Akane he is annoyed that it was his superpowers, not his skill, that defeated the pair. Superman, who has observed the fight, then reveals his presence to Ranma and Akane. He leads Ranma to the Watchtower of the League where Ranma finally recalls that his father took him to a military base in Hokkaido where a nurse did something to him. Superman then wants to spar with Ranma, so the pair end up fighting. During their battle Batman interrupts to take them to a transmission from the Japanese Elite who have kidnapped Akane to force Ranma to join them.

Ranma rushes off to rescue Akane, finding the Elite at the parliament buildings. China declares war on Japan in fear of the Elite and Ranma rushes off to stop the bombs while Akane proclaims Ranma is such a great martial artist he won't hurt the weak. The leader of Elite is unhappy with this revelation and decides he doesn't want Ranma as a member of their group. He brutally attacks Akane and when Ranma see this, after stopping the bombs, he begins killing the Japanese Elite in retaliation for killing Akane when the Justice League arrive. Ranma is killed in the fight but the League prevail and defeat the Elite. When Ranma recovers he finds himself in a strange void and that not only is Akane alive and with him, but she is now wearing a Green Lantern costume. Akane uses her Green Lantern ring to teleport them somewhere that she and Ranma can fit in and be happy.


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