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Tatewaki Kuno was the greatest champion of Furinkan High School, until Ranma Saotome arrived. According to one student, he does remain its greatest pervert, though.


A pompous, bombastic scion of a noble house, his father is the principal of Furinkan and this, coupled with his skill, makes him someone of importance in school. Caught up in his own ego and almost delusional obsessions with the samurai, he blatantly lusts after Akane Tendo - and doesn't lose any interest even when he finds himself also attracted to a mysterious "Pigtailed Girl", making no secret that his ultimate desire/intention is to have them both as his girlfriends. That neither of them is even attracted to him, never mind happy with the idea, is something that doesn't register.

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Fanon TraitsEdit

  • Seems to be disgusted with forigners.
  • Portrayed to be quite insane in some fanfics.
  • Always calls Akane "Fierce Tigress", when he only used a similar term once in Episode 4 (乱馬とらんま?誤解がとまらない).
  • Tends to always call Ranma "Foul Sorcerer". While Kuno has accused Ranma of using some sort of magic or trickery to hide the Pigtailed Girl, he normally refers to him by "Saotome."
  • Often paired with Nabiki Tendo in fanfiction.

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