Teineina Tenshi No Teze is written by Duncan Zillman and began online publication from ????. It currently stands incomplete at seven instalments, the most recent instalment being posted February 9th, 2001.[1]


It was the greatest conspiracy in the history of the world. SEELE was working as a puppetmaster behind the scenes, orchestrating the defense against the Angels,fighting for something too secret for the world to know. With a man like Ikari Gendo at the helm of NERV, it was almost certain to succeed. Destiny, control and the power of the gods was within the reach of the people who had brought the world Second Impact and were trying for an encore.

Not everything is easy in the world. Things change. People change. Loyalties change. When disaster befell the Tendo Dojo, Ranma was whisked into lethal danger. Now, today, in 2014, Ranma is growing to share an unprecedented relationship with Ayanami Rei, First Child of the Evangelion Project.

NERV believed they had thought of everything. They had planned, they had conspired and they had built a bastion against the Angels and the end of the world. But what are the works of man against the messengers of the gods? And how does the life of a single young man, a wild young black haired martial artist stand in comparison?

Happosai summons another demon, but this one is more than he expects, as he pays for his mistake with his life. Then Akane is trapped in a glass prison, as is Ukyo and Shampoo, With everyone that could help Ranma dead or lost, Ranma follows Cologne's last wish, and heads to the South Pole to find the Angel that's supposed to be there. The Angel will grant him the power to defeat the demon. But when he gets there and tries to free the angel with a Shi-shi Hokodan, something strange happens, his world turns white, and he wakes up in a hot bath. Now it's 2015, and now he shares a body with a strange quiet blue-haired girl.[3]

In order to save all his friends and family from a demon, Ranma gets involved in the Katsurangi exepedition and is at ground zero during the 2nd impact. When he awakens he finds himself in the future and he's definately not alone.[4]

Ranma was in the Antarctic, trying to find an angel when Second Impact took place. And now he wakes up in a small, grubby apartment in Tokyo-3 only fourteen years old. And where in the world is Rei?[5]


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