Tekkadread, originally titled Teknoman Ranma, is written by Hung Nguyen and began online publication in ????. It was completed on October 17th, 2002.[1]


Take the main character from Ranma, add some elements from Tekkaman Blade, then mix thoroughly with the universe of Vandread and we get...[2]


A Tekkapod crash-lands into an unimprinted Jusenkyo Spring where it lays dormant. The fateful visit to Jusenkyo by Ranma and Genma occurs, but Ranma falls into this spring rather than Spring of Drowned Girl, which instead holds Ranma in the Tekkapod for centuries to convert him into a Tekkaman. Events of Ranma 1/2 that could've been affected by him are irrevocably altered with his absence as it carries on without him. Once Ranma finally awakens centuries later, he is in a barren land not fit for life, his memories of his past self erased, and now a Tekkaman, only going by the name of Slade. He leaves Earth to travel space. to find life.

After a good few months of travel, he winds up on the male planet of Tarak, who were in war with the female planet of Megele. Slade is caught in the Ikazuchi, and later thrown into the craziness of the Vandread universe, the war between male and female, the Harvesters, and the mysteries of the Radam.

Slade becomes the heart of the Nirvana to keep the morale high and to prove that male and female coexistance is possible. This is proven moreso as he catches the eyes of Dita, Jura, and Meia.



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