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Tekkadread the Second Stage is written by Hung Nguyen and began online publication on October 18th, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and 13 chapters, the most recent of which was published on January 25th, 2009.[1]


The further adventures of Slade and the Nirvana![2]


PLOT NEEDED - This article is missing a plot summary of the events of this story.


Chapter 1: EvolutionEdit

Chapter 2: Baby BluesEdit

Chapter 3: The Difference Between Men and WomenEdit

Chapter 4: Enter the PhantomEdit

Chapter 5: Survival of the FittestEdit

Chapter 6Edit

Part 1: New RevelationsEdit

Part 2: Out with the Old...Edit

Part 3: ...And in with the NewEdit

Part 4: Really Big Changes!Edit

Chapter 7Edit

Part 1: A New MenaceEdit

Part 2: Preparations and PlansEdit

Chapter 8Edit

Part 1: Darkon's PlanEdit

Part 2: Friend or Foe?Edit

Part 3: Final ExamEdit

Chapter 9Edit

Part 1: DifficultiesEdit

Part 2: EvolutionEdit

Chapter 10Edit

Part 1: MindscapeEdit

Part 2: Finally... Here's Ranma!Edit

Part 3: A Mother's TaleEdit

Chapter 11Edit

Part 1: End of the Line for Mejele...Edit

Part 2: Family ReunionsEdit

Part 3: Sibling Rivalry, Slade and Saber!Edit

Chapter 12Edit

Part 1: Moving InEdit

Part 2: Learning CurveEdit

Part 3: Getting TogetherEdit

Part 4: Battle of K-97Edit

Chapter 13Edit

Part 1: Secret OperationEdit

Part 2: CelebrationEdit



  • Sequel to Tekkadread, also by Nguyen.
  • A series of Song-fics are based on the story, all by Nguyen:

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