The Amazon and the Moneylender is written by Luke Green and began online publication on April 3rd, 2000.[1] It currently stands at thirteen parts, the most recent of which was published in May 30th, 2000.[2]


Shampoo contacts Nabiki on a matter of business. This leads to an unlikely friendship...and then something surprising to both of them.[3]

About Shampoo hiring Nabiki to get certain people out of her way, and the relationship budding between the two.[4]

Nabiki and Shampoo meet at a restaurant. Shampoo would like to get Nabiki to help her get Ranma, but for a start, getting Ryoga and Ukyo together would be useful. One fiancee out of the way at least. Unfortunately not all plans work out, and this time Nabiki makes a bad miscalculation. More than that, it seems that her judgement is not what it used to be. Could a certain Amazon have something to do with it?[5]


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