The Dragon and the Phoenix is written by Figure Four and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at 22 installments, the most recent of which was published in ????.


A prophecy is set. The time is now. A new enemy is revealed. The places of gathering: Juuban district and the Nerima ward. Will the Dragon and the Phoenix meet? Will they succeed in driving the evil back? Even at the cost of their very existence?[1]

Ranma and Akane are shopping in Juuban when they get involved with a fight with a monster. Typical Ranma faire, but the monsters, who WERE after the Senshi have now targeted Ranma. Looks like Ranma is going to be seeing a lot more of the Senshi. Cologne knows much as well, about an ancient legend of a pair of warriors of light, the Dragon and the Phoenix. Those warriors have been reborn, and Ranma is the Dragon. Who is the Phoenix though, and can they be ready to face the evil that approaches?[2]


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