The Eternal "Loved" Boy is written by Jenna Lee and began online publication on May 20th, 2000.[1] It was completed on August 1st, 2000.[2]


Ryoga accidentally eats some ramen Shampoo has cooked up to make her more attractive to the opposite sex, namely Ranma. To add to his problems Ryoga seems to have acquired a new enemy, an old friend "visiting" Ukyo.[3]

Akane is back to normal, well, nearly anyway. Ukyo is tired though, she was up most of the night, and she's got a busy day today as well. She's got a few more problems as well now as Sumatra, another chef, attacks her for some offence she has committed in the past. Fortunately Ryoga steps in when she falls under his bombs, but she's not in a good condition to run her restaurant later. Ryoga, Ranma and Akane step into the breach. That is until Ranma starts commenting about Akane's cooking and a fight breaks out. Later the three wind up at the Nekohanten where they have some Ramen. Unfortunately Ryoga's ramen was drugged, and it seems that it's had the effect of making Akane and Shampoo fall in love with him! What to do?[4]


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