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The Garden of Ranma is written by Christopher Jones and was published online on December 10th, 1999.[1]


In the garden of Eden, Kami-sama has created man.[2]


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Kami-sama creates the world and populates it with a man called Ranma, a cat, a panda, and a pig which Ranma picks on mercilessly. While Ranma finds picking on the pig fun he wants someone who can fight back so Kami-sama creates a woman called Akane. Kami-sama creates two trees of Knowledge and Life and instructs Ranma and Akane that they can not eat the fruit of these trees. Then a serpent sneaks into the garden and convinces Akane to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge as this would give her skills needed to beat Ranma in combat. Ranma does the same to put his skill above Akane's once more. When Kami-sama finds out she ejects the pair from the garden.


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