The Harder They Fall is written by Rebecca Ann Heineman and began online publication on December 5th, 2002.[1] It was completed on February 12th, 2003.[1]


Godzilla has a starring role this time!! Look out Senshi as death comes by fiery nuclear lizard breath!![2]

A rogue youma appears. No problem, the Senshi are on the case. Moon is ready, but it seems that Sun and Io have the problem well in hand, with the addition of their martial arts skills to their Senshi powers. Moon in particular is jealous, but the only way to become that good is practise! Lots of it too. Time for some serious Senshi training. Of course nothing goes that easily as a certain pink-haired girl pops in from the future. Something else large is in the offing too...[3]

With Happosai dealt with, the Senshi take a well deserved break, until a monster from the depths of the sea pays a visit to Tokyo. Ukyou, Shampoo and Konatsu end up in the middle of the mayhem as a Godzilla, born from the creature that attacked New York City, runs amok downtown.[4]


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