The Legend of the Drunk Panda is written by Brad Angell and began online publication on April 22nd, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at one part.


What made Genma the man he is today? Is he really a such no-good person? Someone who cares only about himself? Was he always like this? If so, why did Nodoka marry him?[2]

Genma plays Shogi with Soun and listens to his son in another altercation with his fiancees. He's proud of his son for his martial achievements, but he doesn't seem to have learned to fight for what he wants yet. His performance with the fiancees was dismal. Ranma may be better than Genma in the Martial Arts, but there are a few more things that Genma wants to teach him yet. Maybe a trip is called for. So Genma sneaks quietly into the night...[3]


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