The Nature of the Hentai is written by Trisha Lynn Sebastian and began online publication on July 2nd, 1996.[1] It currently stand incomplete at one chapter.


What if Happosai had an arch enemy? Ranma's got several, Akane's got a few, why not the master?[2]


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Ranma Saotome has been blasted out of the Tendo Dojo by Akane Tendo and crash lands in the canal, turning into a girl. As he runs home a figure observes him and ponders their plan for revenge. The next day at St Hebereke High School a new coach has arrived for the gymnastics team to help them train for their rematch with Furinkan High School. She is Ms. Fujikawa and she puts the team through their paces to find that they are pretty terrible. She asks why and they explain that since Kodachi Kuno has won all their matches for them they have gotten lax in their training. Kodachi tries to bluster her with dramatics, but Fujikawa demands to see her moves. Fujikawa is unimpressed with Kodachi and shows her how it is supposed to be done. Kodachi slinks away to cry when she realises that Fujikawa is right and her skill shave slipped. The coach encourages her to pick herself up and train seriously, to which Kodachi agrees and the girl throws herself into the training session with the rest of her team. Fujikawa notes to herself that "Phase One" is complete. That afternoon Happosai is sneaking into the locker room of the gymnastics team in order to steal some of Kodachi's underwear. The girls come in at the end of the session and he goes after each of them in search of the underwear he was after, before bouncing towards the coach. She declare that he knows she doesn't wear underwear and on stopping and looking properly he recognises the coach. He lights and throws a bomb as he goes to escape but Fujikawa simply puts the fuse of the bomb out and snags Happosai with her gymnastics ribbon. She then proceeds to unleash ten years of anger and frustration on the martial artist. When he is sufficiently beaten, she ties a note to him and kicks him in the direction of the dojo...


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