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The Return is written by Josh Temple and Trimatter ("Interlude: Girl Talk" only) and began online publication on October 31st, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at two interludes and 69 chapters, the most recent of which was published on December 25th, 2018.[1]


(Book 1) This is the story of Ranma Saotome realizing the responsibilities of her curse and dealing with the fallout of scheming mages and magical girls. (Book 2) Still dealing with running herd over a brood of demons, Ranma's exploring more of her powers and the situation she's found herself in. Meanwhile Usagi is in a similar situation though, as she'll find, things may be a bit more... fractious. (Book 3) Ranma is settling into her life as demon mom to a brood of succubae. The senshi are dealing with a group of former Soviet Combat Cyborgs trying to assassinate Usagi. The the mercenary company WIC is now bringing in the Canadian Special forces and training them up. Meanwhile secrets in Usagi's and Ranma's families start to emerge. (Book 4) A simple plan to steal some equipment from a government Facility goes awry for one of the Soviet Combat Cyborgs and her cultist hireling and things rapidly get out of hand. Soon Canadian Special forces, Company Contractors, Ranma and her succubus brood, and even Serenity and her magical girls get pulled into the mess. (Book 5) When on a mission as the Winter Knight, Harry finds himself on a parallel Earth. Can Harry succeed at his duties when confronted with a mercenary company, succubae, and a potential breach of the Outer Gates? (Book 6) After Tessa's attack Ranma looks her family and her relationship with Usagi. In both cases things get more complicated as both Ranma and Usagi begin to be drawn into their extended family and the consequences and legacies of those. Meanwhile time is running short for the Combat Cyborgs and Mistress Mercury is worrying about where all this is going.[2]

Ranma's curse was bad enough when he just became a girl, but when Pluto offered him a cure to his curse as well as being able to save the world, things got much worse! Far from curing the curse, it turned the hapless Ranma into something much worse, and when Ranma arrives at the Tendo Dojo, Kasumi immediately senses something wrong. Kasumi knows what to do in these cases. After her 'incident' a while back, she's been working for a company that specialises in this sort of thing. It's time to take Ranma for a quick drive. In the Canadian countryside there's plenty of room...[3]

Ranma Saotome was cursed in Jusenkyo to become a girl... but that was only the beginning of his problems. When he met Setsuna Meiou, his troubles really began! Meet an alternate universe in which Kasumi Tendo belongs to The Company, an organization dedicated to fighting paranormal invaders, and it's a little difficult to tell just who the good guys really are...[4]


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Book 1: Brooding Responsibilities[5]Edit

Chapter 1: Mistaken ArrivalEdit

Chapter 2: Beginning DelusionsEdit

Chapter 3: Emerging RiskEdit

Chapter 4: Cruel EducationEdit

Chapter 5: Mother FigureEdit

Chapter 6: False CuresEdit

Chapter 7: Denials EndEdit

Chapter 8: Family ConcernEdit

Chapter 9: Multiple FrontsEdit

Chapter 10: Converting EnemiesEdit

Chapter 11: Escalating RivalryEdit

Chapter 12: Blind DesperationEdit

Chapter 13: Maternal AcceptanceEdit

Book 2: Betrayed Consequences[6]Edit

Chapter 1: Sanguine SalutationEdit

Chapter 2: Family VisitationEdit

Chapter 3: Legitimate DevelopmentsEdit

Chapter 4: Treacherous Conditions AheadEdit

Chapter 5: Broken BondsEdit

Chapter 6: Intense TestingEdit

Interlude: Girl TalkEdit

Chapter 7: Silver SisterhoodEdit

Chapter 8: Golden PlanEdit

Chapter 9: Preparations and ExpansionsEdit

Chapter 10: SteelRainEdit

Chapter 11: Investments and WagersEdit

Chapter 12: Sharp RescueEdit

Chapter 13: Artificial IdeologiesEdit

Chapter 14: Higher SupervisionEdit

Book 3: Raising Trouble[7]Edit

Chapter 1: Client DemonstrationEdit

Chapter 2: Strike and CleaveEdit

Chapter 3: The Cost of FailureEdit

Chapter 4: QuestionsEdit

Chapter 5: Finding LeftoversEdit

Chapter 6: Enveloping ArmorEdit

Chapter 7: Settling InEdit

Chapter 8: Questionable MotivesEdit

Chapter 9: Flights of LunacyEdit

Interlude: Down TimeEdit

Chapter 10: Troubling VisitationEdit

Chapter 11: Downsizing and OutsourcingEdit

Chapter 12: Expert AuthorityEdit

Chapter 13: Family RecruitingEdit

Book 4: Capital Offense[8]Edit

Chapter 1: Intruding ThoughtsEdit

Chapter 2: Simple PlanEdit

Chapter 3: Options and ImprovisationEdit

Chapter 4: Breach and HideEdit

Chapter 5: BackupEdit

Chapter 6: Bottoming OutEdit

Chapter 7: Overloaded RescueEdit

Chapter 8: Dark and Light SenshiEdit

Chapter 9: Room for RecoveryEdit

Chapter 10: Cost of AcquisitionEdit

Book 5: Blood DebtsEdit

Chapter 1: Lagging Questions - Part AEdit

Chapter 2: Lagging Questions - Part BEdit

Chapter 3: Unwelcome Answers - Part AEdit

Chapter 4: Unwelcome Answers - Part BEdit

Chapter 5: Underground Diplomacy - Part AEdit

Chapter 6: Underground Diplomacy - Part BEdit

Chapter 7: Lost Arrivals - Part AEdit

Chapter 8: Lost Arrivals - Part BEdit

Chapter 9: Choices - Part AEdit

Chapter 10: Choices - Part BEdit

Chapter 11: Fey and Brooding - Part AEdit

Chapter 12: Fey and Brooding - Part BEdit

Chapter 13: Midnight Appetizer - Part AEdit

Chapter 14: Midnight Appetizer - Part BEdit

Chapter 15: Just Desserts - Part AEdit

Chapter 16: Just Desserts - Part BEdit

Epilogue: Opening ConsequencesEdit

Book 6: Bonding AllureEdit

Chapter 1: Invitations and ImpositionsEdit

Chapter 2: Extending FamilyEdit


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FFML Posting HistoryEdit

  • Chapter 1 01/11/02
  • Chapter 2 18/05/03
  • Chapter 3 20/07/03
  • Chapter 3 (revision) 21/07/03
  • Chapter 4 09/09/03
  • Chapter 5 21/11/03
  • Chapter 6 06/01/04
  • Chapter 7 10/03/04
  • Chapter 8 06/06/04
  • Chapter 9 07/09/04
  • Chapter 10 17/01/05
  • Chapter 11 posted to Temple of Ranma's Senshi Seifuku site as per this announcement. 05/07/05
  • Chapter 12 17/11/05

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