Thrice in a Millennium is written by Rebecca Ann Heineman and began online publication on February 16th, 2003.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 17 chapters, the most recent of which was published on July 30th, 2007.[2]


A small Chinese girl flees for her life. Chased by birds she must find the elder. What is her problem and who are these strange birds and bird-men that are chasing her. Ukyo for some reason is absentmindedly doing her hair up in Sailor Moon's style as well...[3]

Ukyou Kuonji has a big problem. She was healed by the Senshi and now their blood courses through her veins. To make matters worse, a little Chinese girl visits the Cat Cafe bearing news that the people of Phoenix Mountain are on the move. In time, all hell breaks loose with the Musk, Saffron and even Happosai causing trouble for everyone. What are the Senshi, Ukyou, Ranma and Nabiki going to do about this complicated mess?[4]


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