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Tiger Claw is written by Madame Hydra and began online publication on July 4th, 1997.[1] It currently stands incomplete at seven parts, the most recent of which was published on April 9th, 1999.[2]


Quarreling fiancees and angry challengers are nothing new to Ranma, but this time, things turn unexpectedly violent when the true power of the Neko-ken is revealed in all its dark power.[3]

Neko-ken. The Cat Fist. A powerful tecnique to whomever can master it, but power such as this is never won without a price. Ranma paid this price when he underwent the training, and now he is deathly afraid of cats, changing into a cat whenever that fear reaches a certain level and calling forth the Cat Fist. However, what has never been explained is who exactly created such a bizarre technique, and why. These people still exist, and they have taken a decided interest in a certain pig-tailed martial artist. For what reason remains to be revealed.[4]

Ranma & Company discover an ominous aspect to the Neko-ken when a mysterious sorceress appears in Nerima and sets a complex series of plots into motion. At the same time, a young woman also arrives in the city intent on pursuing her own personal mission. Old enemies return and long hidden secrets are revealed as Ranma soon finds himself exploring the shadow within his soul and its dark seductive power. The obvious enemy is not necessarily the real enemy. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Cats and serpents do not mix. Relatives are HELL.[5]

A strange sorceress is wandering around the place delivering messages. She's managed to pursuade Ryoga and Kuno that a secret wedding is about to take place. But these tiger skin belts will help them defeat Ranma. Something unexpected happens, and Ranma is sent into a deeper and more vicious version of the Neko-ken than has ever been seen before. He's even affected to some extent after he comes out. And who is Ebon, and why is he 'training' Ranma?[6]


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