To Break Her Chains is written by Howard C. Shaw began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


The Lord Fey, a mighty mage is about to triumph over his rival, summoning him to face his doom. Unfortunately his rival, Arkus, has mastered mind powers, altering Fey's spell, and causing him to summon a somewhat different 'demon'. In this case, a 7 year old boy who thinks he's a cat. Unprepared for this, Fey fails to defend himself from Ranma, who kills him without even knowing that he's done it. As a result he inherits all of Fey's powers, including a divine gift, and all of his possessions, including the Lady Alana, a woman who is bound to him with magical chains. Ranma will not stand for enslaving this woman and so he bends his life towards learning enough that he may finally free the lady...[1]


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