Tunnel Vision is written by Rebecca Ann Heineman and began online publication on September 22nd, 2002.[1] It was completed on November 6th, 2002.[2]


It's been four weeks since Sailor Sun has been needed, and Ranma sort of misses her. It's peaceful though, and she isn't needed, except for training and an occasional demo for Nodoka. However in a deep cavern on the far side of the earth, an evil that was thought vanquished has returned. It failed last time, but this time it has corrected all the errors and success is assured. The first indication that something is amiss is a strange tremor in the timestream, followed by Setsuna being unable to go to the gates of time...[3]

It had been a month since Akane became Sailor Io and world had become a dangerous place. Riots, wars and general unrest without any reason threaten to start World War III. When the war finally broke out, the Senshi have to deal with the utter destruction of Japan and trace the war to its source; an insane computer called SkyNet. How can the Senshi battle an entire army of killer robots and set things right?[4]


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