Twilight Existence is written by Scott K. Jamison began online publication on October 19th, 1996.[1] It currently stand incomplete at fifteen instalments, the most recent of which was published on July 7th, 1999.[2]


The amnesiac Ranko must make her way in a world where Jyuusenkyo springs change minds as well as bodies...[3]

The pools of Jusenkyo in this world do not just change bodies, they change minds as well. When Ranma fell into the Nyannichuan, Ranko came out. Now whenever Ranma gets splashed with cold water, he blacks out and Ranko wakes up. Whenever she is splashed with hot water, she blacks out and Ranma wakes up...[4]

Cold water not only turns Ranma into a girl, but it also makes him forget he ever was a guy.[5]


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