Twisted Path is written by Darren Steffler and Bert Van Vliet (Volume 4 only) and began online publication on November 17th, 1994.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 68 installments, the most recent of which was published on April 20th, 1997.[2]


Darren Steffler is an ordinary student with a penchant for anime who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to catch the fringe of a botched spell by Happosai. He is yanked into the void between worlds, along with the arch-demon that Happosai really wanted, to punish Ranma. The arch-demon, called Malkon doesn't want to arrive with this mortal, so he throws him into a cosmic fountain of energy and magic called the Event. No-one can survive that. However shortly after Malkon has arrived in Nerima, and just after he's started to have fun with the mortals, someone else arrives. It's Twister, the person Darren has become after trip to the void. He's incredibly powerful and he's got a bone to pick with that demon. Of course, after dealing with the demon, there's that small problem of how a super-powerful being is going to fit in in Nerima...[3]


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