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Wanderer, or Wanderers, is written by Frederick Dean Herriot and began online publication on September 24th, 1998.[1] It was completed on January 22nd, 1999.[2]


Ranma accepts his destiny as a Jewel Warrior and prepares to fight evil on another world. But before he does, he (then...she) has some problems to finally settle at home.[3]

A letter arrives for Ranma. From one Yumi Tachibana it talks about a promise that Genma made to her and about a debt of honour that the Saotomes owe her. Must be another fiancee! This is entirely too much and Akane doesn't react too well to it either. Later at the Ucchans it seems that Ukyo has a secret. And Ranma finds out what it is fairly soon when a necklace appears on her and the jewel on it talks to her about a task that must be done and the sacrifice that must be made to do it...[4]

A letter arrives for Ranma from one Yumi Tachibana, warning of a problem concerning a promise made on the training trip. Must be another fiancee again! But this time, the result is much different than what anyone can expect. This time, the Nerima Wrecking Crew find themselves facing a power and need which renders all their opinions and feelings for Ranma forever obsolete. For there is a planet out there under threat by creatures worse than anything imaginable. A planet which could be paradise, but is rapidly descending into chaos and armageddon. A planet that needs a special type of warrior to defend it. Yumi and her friends Ryou and Chisato have defended that world for twenty years. Ranma and Ukyou have now been called to aid in that fight. But to help defend these people, Ranma must pay a price: His manhood.[5]


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