Week Love Came to Town is written by Andrew Eoff, Epsilon, Andrew Huang, Scott K. Jamison, Richard D. Lawson, Chris McNeil and Robert Morrison and began online publication on June 24th, 1997.[1] It was completed on June 30th, 1997.[2]


Kuno is looking for a way to declare his love for Akane and the Pigtailed Girl. In the store where he got the Phoenix Egg, he finds a love letter. It will cause whoever reads it to fall in love with whoever gave it to them. As long as they have it that is. Kuno mails it to Akane and the Pigtailed girl, trusting to the fates to choose which one will receive it. Of course that letter does have a way of finding its way around...[3]


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  • The individual chapter titles are:
  1. Mondays Lead to Madness or The Things We Do for a Letter (Eoff)
  2. Cry Chaos, and Let Slip the Dogs of Love or Tuesday is Scary and Confusing and Profitable All at Once and this Title Won't End (Huang)
  3. An Error of Comedies or Wonderful Wednesday Wackiness (McNeil)
  4. Thursday's Child Has Far to Go, Which May Explain Ryouga (Jamison)
  5. Chez Battle Royale or It's Friday, I'm in Hell (Morrison)
  6. The Cook, The Student, Their Fiancé and His Letter or Live From Ucchan's, It's Saturday Afternoon! (Lawson)
  7. Somber Sunday (Shyeah... Right...) (Epsilon)

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