When Bakas Learn is written by Hefni Izzat and began online publication on August 15th, 2001.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and three chapters, the most recent of which was published on October 2nd, 2003.[2]


Ranma uses his head! A story of self-discovery, love, and just WHAT a baka would do when he uses his brain.[3]

After observing how Happosai leaves Nabiki alone, Ranma comes to the conclusion that knowledge is the ultimate power. His way of getting knowledge leads him to learning the greatest technique ever discovered by man...[4]

It's been a quiet week at Furinkan High. So quiet that people are nervous. Even Ranma is acting oddly, he's actually sitting up in class and paying attention! He has a reason for this. Recently he noticed Happosai veer away from Nabiki when he was on the rampage. What does Nabiki have that Ranma in girl form doesn't, to so easily cow Happosai. And the answer must be information. So to gain real power, one should gather information, which means that you must be able to learn as much as possible from everything. In short, you should be very very curious...[5]


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  • TASS Mini Series Award for August 2001, 1st place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for October 2001, 1st place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for Annual 2001, 7th place
  • TASS Crossover Mini Series Award for June 2002, 3rd place

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