White Rose is written by Andrew Lemly and began online publication on June 24th, 2001.[1] It was completed on March 10th, 2004.[2]


Just how far will Kodachi go to be with Ranma?[3]

Kodachi Kuno learns that Ranma does not love her... but just as she is in complete despair, she gets a chance to change her fate.[4]

Kodachi's world has ended when an accident finally reveals to her that the pigtailed girl and Ranma are one and the same. However before she can commit suicide, some evil spirits offer to give Ranma's heart to her. It's a trick of course, but one Kodachi turns on them, draining their power in order to turn back the clock and build a world where she can get her hearts desire. And so is born Kodachi, the albino and sickly daughter of Godai and Hitome Kuno. Well, sickly until Godai finds someone that can cure her, turning her into an incredible chi-battery, with power to cure nearly instantly any injury. Can the White Rose snare Ranma this time around?[5]


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