Whose is that Face in the Mirror? is written by Scott K. Jamison and was published online on July 11th, 1997.[1]


Hikaru Saotome has had a bad day at school and ponders his life while in the furo.[2]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

Hikaru Saotome enters the bathroom at the end of a bad day where everybody a school now knows he sometimes has a girl's body. His big sister Ranma Saotome tried to be comforting, but lacking a curse of her own he feels she doesn't know how hard things are for him. He ponders Ranma's odd behaviour and remembers her words the night before that it is who is on the inside that counts. Spraying himself with cold water Hikaru turns into a girl and she studies herself in the mirror, noting how similar she looks to her older sister. After the inspection she steps into the hot water of the furo and changes back into a boy.


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