Wings of Fate is written by Angela Nebedum and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and one chapter, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Ranma and Akane are married, and are expecting twins. The day the twins are born, the Saotome's discover a little unwelcome surprise.[1]

Ranma and Akane have finally got married, and now they're going to have kids! Twins to be precise. After a long labour, Akane gives birth to a perfect baby boy and baby girl. Unfortunately they swap when they're washed... Seems the curse has bred true. Welcome Ranko and Sanma. 17 years on, Ranko and Sanma are going to school, and for the next year they're going to have to go to Juuban High, while Furinkan undergoes some renovation...[2]

17 years ago, Ranma and Akane finally tied the knot and are expecting their first born child. When the tests show that the baby their expecting is going to be twins the Saotomes are more than excited about this turn of events. But on the day the twins are born fate plays a cruel joke on the Saotome family as it is revealed that both twins, a boy and a girl, were born cursed to change genders. 17 years later, meet Ranko and Sanma Saotome, and the rest of the next generation of the original Nerima Wrecking Crew are now attending high School in the Juban district of Tokyo while their old school going through repairs.[3]


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