YASSI!, also known as "Yet Another Stupid Self-Insert!", is written by Brad Angell and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at one part.


I take the plunge, as many authors do, into the Ranmaverse. Will I do any better? Will I survive? Will I hook up with a Ranmaverse girl? Or will I just end up with more female underwear than I know what to do with?[1]

The author lines up in a queue, excitement building. He's going to be inserted in the Ranmaverse! Meanwhile Ranma and co groan at the thought of another self-insert gaijin arriving. Things start off on a rocky note with persistant name problems, and only get worse when Happosai takes the hapless Brad under his wing...[2]


PLOT NEEDED - This article is missing a plot summary of the events of this story.


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