Zero Interface is written by Adrian D. Moten and began online publication on January 22nd, 2011.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 12 chapters, the most recent of which was published on November 13th, 2011.[1]


Ranma taunts his father on his first day of school at Furinkan, only to end up falling through a portal that leads him to Halkeginia. However, just because Ranma is made Louise's familiar doesn't mean he's taking it lying down.[2]


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Prologue: Goodbye and Hello (and Goodbye)Edit

Chapter 1: Collision Course RealitiesEdit

Chapter 2: Thicker Than BronzeEdit

Chapter 3: Zero PointEdit

Chapter 4: A Void in the Day of Ranma Saotome (Seduction)Edit

Chapter 5: The Dirt (Down and Dirty)Edit

Chapter 6: Cat Scratch FeverEdit

Chapter 7: FloodEdit

Chapter 8: Face of DeathEdit

Chapter 9: Worlds ApartEdit

Chapter 10: Calamity in ProgressEdit

Chapter 11: BackfireEdit


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